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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tom Shook (son of Ada & Tom) forwarded me a copy of a page Aunt Ada and Uncle Tom had written down for him shortly before Tom’s death.  A couple of the names are difficult to read, so if anyone who reads this can make corrections, please let me know. 
I.          Etta Baird Michael (Grandma Michael)
A.       Etta’s grandparents:
William (?) Bident Baird & Mary Harmon (daughter of Cutliff Harmon) Baird.
1.        Children
a.        Frank, who married Kathleen Moody
b.      William Carter, who married Sarah McNabb
c.       David Franklin, who married Elizabeth Wagner
d.      Jackson Baird, who married Tempi (sp?) Shull
e.      Carroll Baird (went west & died)
f.        Susan Baird, who married James Lawrence.

B.       Etta’s family:
Parents: Sarah McNabb & William Carter Baird
1.       Children:
a.        William Monroe Baird (wife: Sarah Clark)
b.      Ebben Baird (wife: Mary Wilson)
c.       James C. Baird (wife: Mary Gifford / Sifford?)
d.      David (wife: Alice Michael)
e.      Ginslia (?) (husband: John Matney)
f.        Alphonso (wife: Rosa Hubbard)
g.       Etta (husband: Greene Michael)
h.      Ethel (husband: J. L. Triplett)

II.                 Riley Greene Michael (Grandpa Michael)
(Greene’s grandparents: Riley & Mary Watson Michael)
A.       Greene’s parents:  Larkin F.  & Martha Greene Michael
1.       Children
a.        Filmore (wife: Malinda Rominger)
b.      Nannie (husband: Charlie Welch)
c.       Greene (wife: Etta Baird)
d.       Etta (husband: John Shoemaker)
e.      Thursa (husband: William Shoemaker)
f.        Lee (wife: Carrie Taylor)
g.       Walter (wife: Blanche Smith)
h.      Carrie (husband: Coy Yates)
i.         James (wife: Maude Greer)

III.               Riley Greene & Etta Baird Michael
A.       Children
1.        Dulcie Ruth Michael (husband: Hoyle Hayes Shook)
2.       Ada May Michael (husband: Thomas Tope Shook)
3.       Grady Michael (wife: Myrtle Bryant)


I.                    James Dalton Shook (Grandpa Jimmy)
A.       James’s parents: Fredrick & Myra Pope Shook
1.        Children:
a.        John Shook (wife: Becky Calloway)
b.      Joe
c.       Jacob
d.      George (wife: Clarica Cornell)
e.      Henry (wife: Ginsey Aldridge)
f.        Monroe (wife: Mary Berry)
g.       James (wife: Sallie Hayes Gragg)
h.      Fannie (husband: Joe Brewer)
i.         Polly (husband: Joshua Townsend)
j.        Lydia (husband: Manuel Brewer)
k.       Nancy: (husband: ? Fox

II.                  Sarah (Sally) Hayes Gragg Shook (Grandma Sally)
A.       Sally’s parents: Joel & Eliza Hodges Hayes
1.        Children:
a.        William
b.      John
c.       Larkin Adams
d.      Joe
e.      George
f.        Sarah (Sally) (husband: ? Gragg and then James Dalton Shook)
g.       Mollie (husband: Billy Mast)
h.      Jennie (husband: James Whitehead)
i.         Julia
j.        Nannie (husband: Calvin Trivette)
k.       Addie (husband: Zeb (Jeb?) Mayberry)

III.               James Dalton & Sally Hayes Gragg Shook
1.        Children
a.        Grace (husband: Ralph Gwaltney)
b.      Hoyle Hayes (wife: Dulcie Ruth Michael)
c.       Thomas Tope (wife: Ada May Michael)

NOTE: Prior to marrying James Dalton, Sally was married to ? Gragg and had the following children:
1.       Blanche Gragg Frank
2.       Belle Gragg Calloway
3.       Onie Gragg Baird
4.       Lizzy Gragg Townsend
5.       Also had three little boys who passed away.


A.     Dulcie Ruth Michael marries Hoyle Hayes Shook in 1919
1.        Children:
a.        Zebulon Vance (wife: Mary Stevenson, aka, Steve)
b.      Ada Mildred (husband: Hade Smith)
c.       Ida Pauline (husband: Gentry North)
d.      Rhonda Hayes (wife: Gertrude Potter)
e.      Audrey Madeline (husband: William Rominger)
f.        William Bradley (wife: Mabel Jones)
g.       Homer Larry
h.      Errol Flynn (wife: Patsy Ruppard)
i.         Belinda (Linda) Ann (husband: Ken Orr)
j.        Helen Joyce: (husband: Kenneth Wilson)

B.     Ada May Michael marries Thomas Tope Shook
1.        Children:
a.       Carroll Linney Shook (wife: Angie  / Elaine
b.      Thomas Frederick (wife: Betty Nichols/ Carol Roberts)
c.       Arthur Quentin Shook (wife: Masako)
d.      Stuart Hodges Shook (wife: Wilma Yates)

C.      Grady Michael marries Myrtle Bryant
1.       Children:
a.       Betty Ann (husband: Raymond Romano)
b.      John Paul (wife: Fran Goodrich )
c.       Jackie Lee  (Jack) (wife: Dorothy Crisp)

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